Sunshine – Friend or Foe?


I’ve not blogged for a while and it’s from a combination of things really. Firstly, it’s been quite a busy time due to the Bank Holiday and extra days off; there’s been lots on at work but mostly it’s been the weather that has been putting me off writing.

I love the sun, but I don’t love how I FEEL in the sun. During the winter I can cover up in boots, tights and cardigans and give little thought about why I’m wearing something and put it on because I like it. In the summer Operation Cover-up begins in earnest and what I can wear to cover my flabby upper arms, swollen ankles and chaffing thighs fill my mornings with dread. I truly hate getting ready for work in the summer – and now I’ve thrown out my trust linen trousers I’m really at a loss as to what I should wear.

It also doesn’t help that I keep losing and gaining the same half stone (which should really turn into a loss of a few stones to be honest).

Normal service will resume when I’ve pulled myself out of my grumpy hole.