Diet Dodgyness

Somehow it has been almost three weeks since I last blogged.  My absence has been a mixture of too much going on and somehow not feeling ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is…..

A few months ago, in a bid to shift a few extra pounds I turned to the new diet sensation everyone seems to be dabbling in, the 5:2 diet.  At first things went well, in only a couple of weeks I’d lost 7lbs.  The fast days weren’t actually that bad, I planned it out really well and got as many nutrients as possible from the 500 calories available.   The problem started a few weeks in, the day after a fast day I just couldn’t stop eating, and because it wasn’t a fast day and I could just eat as I wanted, I just kept on eating.  After a while I noticed that the non-fast days were really bad for me.

So a couple of months on, the 7lb is back on plus another 2 and I’m feeling pretty crappy.  I’m now finding it really hard to get into a healthy eating zone and barely staying the right side of not treating myself like a human dustbin!

Our holiday is in 4 months, so I really need to knuckle down and get back into a healthy eating zone and start looking after myself a bit better.

Since the wedding, whenever I need a cheer-up, I take a look at our wedding photo’s, so here’s a few of my favourites – excuse the dodgy cropping, I didn’t want to add anyone to this post who might not want to be added!

Me - getting ready

My make-up artist let me down two days before the wedding, so I ended up doing it myself!

My bouquet

It took me months to decide on which sort of flowers I wanted for my bouquet, and then one day I saw the picture below and I knew that was exactly what I wanted.  However, due to the time of year when we got married I couldn’t have the  white peony’s as they were our to season, but it still looked gorgeous and I was thrilled with it.

Bouquet - mag picture

Me - In church

I loved my dress so much – in fact, I still have it hanging on the back of the wardrobe door because I just can’t decide whether to pack it away into a box or chop it up and display the bodice bit in a picture frame (my bridesmaid made us a boxed picture frame containing a copy of our invite and a few dried flowers from the bouquet, so I would do it to match that style).  I got it from Monsoon and I just knew when I put it on that it was the one for me.  I really didn’t want to be all trussed up and struggling to breathe and I also wanted to be able to go the the ladies on my own without a friend having to help me hold up the dress!!


Me - signing the register

I love this photo – it just shows in my face how happy I was (and still am – dodgy diets aside!!)

Wedding - Me in the car

Wedding cake

We pulled our wedding together on a really tight budget and to save on costs I made the wedding cake myself – and it turned out alright, even if I do say so myself…

I feel much cheerier after having a little look back through those amazing memories :o)